Safer Stays

  • Cleaned and sanitised: Using antiviral disinfectant for all surfaces and high touch areas. On departure please ensure all bins are emptied into the recycling and waste.
  • Increased cleaning time: Allowing extra time for additional cleaning during changeover.  It is essential that guests have left by the new earlier time of 9am on their departure day, thus aiding the safety of the cleaner and the next guests.  (It would be appreciated if practical and possible please could you strip bedding to help keep cleaning safer, this includes mattress and pillow protectors, please leave all used linen and towels in the bath.)
  • Removal of non-essential items:  We have temporarily removed items which are more difficult to keep clean and hygienic.  We have removed cushions/ throws and other high touch non essential items.
  • The dishwasher: Where practical and possible please use the dishwasher for your dishes. Please ensure all dishes are washed and put away before you leave.

Retuning after a day out.  As per government guidelines please wash your hands for at least 20 seconds.