Sport in Allonby

Sport in Allonby

The village of Allonby offers a wide range of facilities, not least of these are the range of sporting activities that you can undertake in the local area. These activities are available to those who are having a holiday in Allonby or simply there on a day trip. These sporting activities are suitable for all ages and abilities and range from gentle walks on nice flat beaches to extreme sports (in the form of sail boarding, kite buggies etc). We will now look in more detail at the range of sporting options available in Allonby.

Walking – This is the most accessible of the sporting activities and there are walks suitable for all ages and abilities. The beach at Allonby is very open and flat and has many easy access points. The beach also allows dogs so is ideal for those who like to share their exercise routine with their pets. Allonby also lies on the Solway coast path so for those who like longer walks Allonby can form part of undertaking a longer walk such as this. Allonby is also close to the Lakeland fells and the plethora of walking opportunities that this offers

Cycling – In a similar fashion to walking the fact that Allonby lies on the Solway Coastal path is also of benefit to cyclists. This benefit is further enhanced by the fact that there is no a cycle hire company based in the village so if you have not brought your bike on holiday (or don’t own one) then you can hire one for as long as you like. For casual cyclists the cycle way / footpath is a great way to explore the local cost line. A flat and well-made track (mainly tarmac with some gravel sections) leads to Maryport (via the long promenade there). Once in Maryport then you can then travel onwards down the Solway coast or you can simply explore Maryport – maybe have a bite to eat and a drink or two before returning home via the cycle path.

Swimming -As Allonby is on the beach an obvious sporting activity would be swimming, although I have to say open water swimming in the sea at Allonby is not for the feint hearted !, I have been in several times but lately have taken to only going in wearing a wet suit. The sea water is no very clean (the coveted Blue Flag rural beach award being first awarded to Allonby in 2005). There are some issues with currents and tides so, as always when open water swimming, due caution must be shown. For the less brave (or more sensible) Allonby also boats a heated indoor swimming pool which is based in a local holiday park. There are also numerous rivers (and of course the Lakes) within driving distance for those who prefer to take a dip in fresh water.

Fishing – again being a coastal village Allonby is ideally located for a spot of beach fishing. Historically Allonby has been connected with Herring fishing but now it is mainly Plaice, some Sea Bass, and flatfish (Flounders and Dabs,) Catching Dogfish at night is sometimes possible. In the winter months this change to Codling and some Whiting.

Kite Surfing – The beach is fast gaining a reputation as a good spot for Kite Surfing, this is partly due to the open nature of the beach and the reliability of the wind!. There are no real waves to speak of (but it can get a bit choppy) so, apparently, these favours Kite Surfers who prefer to “Freestyle”. Of course, you will need your own equipment and training in order to undertake this type of sport.

Running – if walking is too sedate for you then the same facilities that are available to walkers (as described earlier) are available to runners (albeit at a faster pace!)

Wind buggy (Kite Buggy) – the wind open sands and, again, the reliability of the wind make the beach an ideal spot for taking out a wind / kite buggy. Again you will need specialist training and equipment to do this and also extreme caution must be exercised due to other members of the public being on the beach.

Hopefully we have given you a good idea of the range of sporting activities that are available in Allonby, I am sure there are others that we have not yet discovered as well. Combining these sporting facilities with the other facilities the village has to offer make it an ideal place to consider for your holiday needs. There are a wide range of accommodation in the village including self-catering holiday cottages, holiday parks, guest houses and other accommodation. So if you are looking to book a beachside holiday then jump right in !